Monday, January 9, 2012

Hot Chocolate Cake Ball Experiment!

Pinterest allowed me to discover an amazing DIY tutorial on cake balls the other day. I've seen them everywhere lately, and even saw one of those little cake ball makers that actually can bake the ball the correct shape. The tutorial I found didn't require a special machine, just a little willingness to break up a whole cake and squish some frosting in your hands! I loved the whole thing, and the end results were so fun, even though our attempt wasn't quite like the picture. I found the tutorial on this site, and I actually found myself searching for more great ideas! Anyways, here's some pictures of the ones my wonderful mom helped me make today:

 My mom had some fun with chocolate syrup so I could take some pictures of them!

 And, here's me with all the finished cake balls! I love the colors! To make the balls different colors, we simply used white chocolate chips we melted and used some neon food coloring I found at the store. We used Raspberry, Neon Purple, and Neon Green for the actual candy coating and Neon Blue for the coconut on top of some of them. We also used toffee pieces, peppermint sprinkles, rainbow jimmies, chocolate chips, and walnuts on top! I even hid some marshmallows in the centers of a few, though I have no idea which ones! I love this idea, and I definitely recommend that tutorial! So easy to follow! I'd love to see more pictures anyone has of cake balls, and to see what everyone else uses to put on top of them!

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